Homeschool Adventures

Our Homeschool curriculum will provide an exciting learning experience developed to engage students in the study of topics combining environmental studies, nature, heritage, and science. Students will play games, make crafts, and explore the nature preserve! Children will be checked in at 10 am and will have snack at 10:45 am and lunch at 12 pm with activities throughout. Checkout is at 2pm.

    • Offered Wednesdays from 10 am to 2 pm.
    • Each month will have a different theme.
    • Ages 6-11
    • $40 per session, or $25 for family-level members.


Registration is Open!

*Homeschool Adventures is not licensed by Bright From the Start. Homeschool Adventures is exempt from licensing by Category 8. Category 8: Short-term educational or recreational activities or classes for children in which the supervision and care of the children are incidental to their participation in the activity or training in specific subjects, such as, but not limited to, music lessons, dance classes, swim lessons, etc. The provider is not assuming responsibility for supervision and care of the children outside of the classes or activities the children’ participate in and shall not advertise or otherwise represent that child care services are offered.