Georgia Gives Day

Please consider supporting Autrey Mill this Georgia Gives Day Tuesday, May 5th 2020. Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center is a scenic upland forest with a 46 acre network of trails, animal exhibits, heritage village and gardens (both butterfly & vegetable), and meandering creek.  Our mission is to create a destination and an educational resource that inspires exploration, appreciation, and preservation of the natural environment and local history.

What Makes AUTREY MILL Unique?


Autrey Mill Nature Preserve began in 1988 as a grassroots effort to save a diverse woodland from encroaching development, prevent the loss of an old mill site, and to halt the demolition of historic buildings situated on the property.  The Autrey Mill Nature Preserve Association was formed the following year to operate, protect and improve the preserve.
Visitors can experience the preservation of nature and history- through quiet enjoyment of the trails and heritage sites. Our many programs utilize the natural setting and historic structures. To interpret the preserve, we create interactive lessons combining environmental science, history, and their interdependence.


The preserve was founded by community advocates and continues in that spirit by relying on, and encouraging, the volunteerism of individuals and groups who log over 10,000 volunteer hours annually.
We offer the public a variety of natural science and history based programming including guided nature hikes, tours of historic buildings, children’s classes, scout programs, school field trips, homeschool classes, special exhibits, summer camps, events, and festivals.


The public has cost-free access to Autrey Mill’s grounds for hiking, nature study, strolling the pathways of the Heritage Village, and visiting with our animals.   Entrance to the grounds is free and is open 8:00am to dusk 365 days of the year! The preserve has grown under the 30-year leadership and vision of our nonprofit.  Today we welcome 14,000 annual visitors to over 3 miles of nature trails, animal exhibits, gardens, and a Heritage Village of restored historic buildings.


How Will Your Donation Help?

Programming revenue only covers about 60% of our operating costs.  We are committed to keeping access to the grounds and trails free we depend on contributions from people like you. Your donation will help-

Healthy Youth In Nature

Can you imagine a summer without sand between your toes, birdsong in your ears, or the breeze wafting through your hair? Help us educate youth that are in need of connecting with their natural environment and local history. So many children spend their free time indoors. We aspire to give youth the tools to safely explore and be inspired by the natural world. Outdoor exploration is a proven effective method of creating not only well rounded students, but healthy fulfilled adults. We strive to encourage youth explore and find inspiration in what is under a log. Your gift would help us achieve this task by providing:

– Program supplies for programs
– Scholarship opportunities for underprivileged youth
– Outreach programs for libraries and low income schools

Preserve Local History

Help us preserve a part of Johns Creek history by conserving the Heritage Village. By strengthening the bonds to our past we ensure a brighter future. Our Heritage Village paints a picture of what life would have been like during the 1800s. We use the space to interpret that history and teach youth and adults alike on topics that include conservation and preservation. Your gift would help us achieve this task by providing:

– Archival storage materials and display to properly store fragile objects from our historic collections
– Interpretive signage and cases for our heritage exhibits
– Heirloom plants for our heritage and butterfly gardens (for example, cotton)

Even small gifts can make a difference!  Thank you for donating to Autrey Mill!

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