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Our Home School curriculum provides an exciting learning experience developed to engage students in the study of topics combining environmental studies, nature, heritage, and science. Home school lessons based on nationally recognized curriculum and correlated with Georgia State standards in Life Science, Physical Science, and History. Stay after on Thursday classes for the Time Travelers Club! Each class stands on its own, so attend one, all, or several. REGISTRATION REQUIRED, please register at least 24 hours in advance of class.

This season’s overarching theme is Tall Tales! We will go back in time to explore nature and history through interactive games, stories, exploration, and crafts.

Date Themes/Topics Description
9/14/2018 Johnny Appleseed Join us to explore the life of a Pioneer Hero from the late 1700s. We will examine native and nonnative fruit trees in the area while discovering how settlers and Native Americans used these plentiful resources.
9/20/2018 Paul Bunyan* Students will learn about deforestation in the early 1900s and how settlers used the land and resources. We will explore artifacts from the past that were used to harvest trees.
10/12/2018 Bulltop Stormalong Sing along as we learn old sea shantey’s and the inspiration that they gave sailors. We will learn how in the mid-1800s sailing ships we replaced with steamships.
10/18/2018 Pecos Bill* This fictional character will inspire our own stories and tall tales as we explore the life of cowboys.
11/15/2018 Johns Henry* Students will learn about the railroad expansion in the 1870s through the exciting story of John Henry. We will explore artifacts from the past that support the story and create songs that inspire our own work.
11/28/2018 Mose Humpherys Join us as we learn about America’s first urban folk hero from the 1840s. We will use this opportunity to also learn about the history of fire fighters and controlled burns.
12/14/2018 Joe Magarac We will explore artifacts from the past and create stories inspired by the rise of steal in American History.
12/20/2018 Davey Crockett* Students will explore the life of this great American Adventurer. We will explore what life in the U.S Army would have been like in the early 1800s and the history of the Alamo.
1/23/2018 Sam Patch Join us as we explore the life of this early 1800’s hero, his life in a cotton mill, and his historic feats of strength.

This season’s overarching theme is PRESIDENTS! As we research past presidents, we will discover scientific advancements and learn how Americans lived during these presidents’ tenures. We will go back in time to explore nature and history through interactive games, stories, exploration, and crafts.

Date Themes/Topics
2/8/2019 Presidential Teeth- We will learn about America’s First President and discover some toothy facts.
2/14/2019 Inventive Lincoln- Lincoln was the only president with a Patent! We will learn about how his inventive spirit lead to the Emancipation Proclamation and how it affected the daily life of citizens.
3/7/2019 Teddy Bear President- Teddy Roosevelt’s campaign with moving pictures was ingenious. We will explore how the camera technology developed.
3/15/2019 Gold Fevered Presidency-During the presidency of John Quincy, Georgia began its Gold Rush that eventually lead to the Trail of Tears. Students will learn why gold is so valuable and experiment with the conductivity of different metals.
4/11/2019 GA Native President- GA Native President- President Carter was a native to Plains GA and in a family of peanut farmers. Students will discover the tools that Farmers used and the history of Peanut Farming in the south.
5/10/2019 FDR’s Gardens and Roads- Student will learn how President Franklin Roosevelt’s policies with public works grew our roads and public lands. .
5/16/2019 American Presidents- Students will explore American History through the scientific advancement that happened during each president’s tenure.
  • 10 am – 2 pm (bring a packed lunch and drink)
  • Ages 6-11, Grades 1-5
  • $25 for members, $30 for non-members. Your Family Discount will be applied automatically in the cart.

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Stay after on Thursday classes for: This club will transport explorers to various periods in history! Participants will discover these eras through engaging activities, games, and crafts from the past.

Time Travelers Club

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