Home School Adventures

Over-arching theme this season is ELEMENTALSAutrey Mill is a unique setting for home school programs featuring a 46-acre nature preserve with trails, woodlands, wetland and creek; animal exhibits; historic buildings, indoor and outdoor classrooms, artifacts, and heritage gardens. Our Home School curriculum provides an exciting learning experience developed to really engage students in the study of topics combining environmental studies, nature, history, and science. Home school lessons are based on nationally recognized curriculum and are correlated with state standards in Life Science, Physical Science, and History.

In the Home School series, students will explore Autrey Mill’s natural environment and history, focusing on a different topic for each 4-hour class. Home School classes are offered on a Thursday and Friday each month.

Start Date                    Theme/Topics

 9/7/2017                     Rocks, Rock!- There’s Gold in them Hills

9/22/2017                    The Power of Water- Rain Water Upcycled Regatta

10/5/2017                    Solar Power- Cookie Bake

10/20/2017                  Fire Power- Dugout Canoes and Camp Fire Cooking

11/2/2017                   Rocket Day- Industrial Revolution

11/17/2017                  Wind Power- Kites and Electricity

12/7/2017                    Weather- Dust Bowl and Cloud ID

12/15/2017                  Ice Ice- Keeping thing Cool


In the 2018 Spring Home School series, students will explore Autrey Mill’s natural environment and history focusing on an over arching theme of PIONEERING, each class will present a different topic associated with the theme.

Start Date       Theme/Topics

1/12/2018           Conservators

1/25/2018           Settling

2/9/2018           Milling

2/15/2018           Cartography

2/21/2018           Tool Building

3/9/2018           The Rush

3/15/2018           Mechanical Mystery

3/21/2018           Well Water

4/13/2018           Tracking

4/19/2018           Hunting and Fishing

4/25/2018           Domestic Animals

5/11/2018           Foraging

5/17/2018           Seasonal Crops


Each class stands on its own, so attend one, all, or several.

  • 10:00am – 2:00pm (bring a packed lunch and drink)
  • Ages 6-11, Grades 1-5
  • $25 for members, $30 for non-members. Your Family Discount will be applied automatically in the cart.


Please register at least 24 hours in advance of class

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