Project Salamander Tracker

It has come to our attention this program has been marketed widely and we are unable to take down the publications. We apologize for the inconvenience and are not sure when we will resume this program.

Project Salamander Tracker is a Citizen Science project aimed to observe our local salamander population. These secretive creatures are small and usually well hidden in the wetlands. Come help us look under coverboards and identify species, measure size, track the wetlands health, and water quality.

After attending one of these programs you can complete your own investigation solo!

We will learn about the wet and wonderful Wetlands here at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve. Then get some hands-on field experience with salamanders and data collection. We will track population by counting species and take body measurements to find averages.

“The difference in Science and playing around is recording it”

Please:Dress accordingly, wear clothes that are okay to get muddy and closed toed shoes, bring gloves!

This program is free to the public. Is suited best for children aged 9 when accompanied by an adult or children aged 13 and older without.