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Our line-up of Homeschool, Middle Homeschool, Preschool Adventures, Time Travelers Club, My Best Friend/ Doll Club, and Cooking and Crafts has been set and is open for registrations! Join us for a season filled with exploration, appreciation, and preservation.

Cooking and Crafts

The Cooking and Crafts program focuses on experiencing history through vintage recipes and crafts of the past. The themes and activities vary; so attend one or all. Topics may include- butter, ice pops, ice cream, mini pies, or hot cakes. If the stove or oven is used it is by the instructor. The children only combine ingredients. The ratio is 10:1 participant: staff with the additional help of 1-3 volunteers. Taught by Ms. Alison.


Start Date Themes/Topics
9/5/2019 Apple Tarts- Participants will learn about and how to cook with seasonal fruit
10/3/2019 Butter your Biscuit- We will make homemade biscuits and churned butter.
11/7/2019 Corn Bread- Autrey Mill’s namesake lends itself to a corny day of bread making!
12/5/2019 Old Fashion Cookies- Choose your favorite cookie cutter from our collection and stamp out a yummy treats.
1/9/2020 Pizza- Students will learn how one of American’s favorite foods came to be.
2/6/2020 Fondu for You- Go back in time to the 70s for one of America’s favorite foods and past times.
3/5/2020 French Fried Potatoes- This Irish favorite will inspire our class treat.
4/2/2020 Carrot Cake- Be inspired to sneak vegetables into a tasty treat.
5/7/2020 Ice-Scream for Me- Join us to learn how to churn the sweetest treat.


Each class stands on its own, so attend one, all, or several.

  • 4:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Ages 6-11, Grades 1-5
  • $7 for members, $10 for non-members. Your Family Discount will be applied automatically in the cart.

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Guided Hikes

Expand your sense of wonder during these guided hikes. We will be looping around down to the creek to explore the natural environment here at Autrey Mill. Hikes are open to all ages, but best suited to those who can easily walk a third of a mile.



  • 2 pm – 3 pm
  • $5 or free for Members
  • This is a Grown Up and ME Experience

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Home School Adventures

Our Home School curriculum provides an exciting learning experience developed to engage students in the study of topics combining environmental studies, nature, heritage, and science. With Mrs. Ackermann and Ms. Alison. REGISTRATION REQUIRED, please register at least 24 hours in advance of the class.


Date Themes/Topics
9/18/2019 Goats and Farm History- Goats have been domesticated for over 8000 years. Join this program to learn more about the history and care goats need.
10/16/2019 Milling- Autrey Mill was a functioning mill into the early 1900s. This program will explore the structure and mechanisms that made a mill run smoothly.
11/20/2019 Cows on the Farm- Cows have been domesticated for over 10,000 years. We will learn more about how cattle comprise a unique role in human history.
12/18/2019 Winter Crops and Preserves- Join us to learn which crops thrive in the winter and how to make preserves.
1/22/2020 Students who join us for this program will learn more about the evolution of American Currency and American History of Rationing.
2/19/2020 Barn Owls- We will learn about birds of prey and the role Owls played in Native American stories and myths.
3/18/2020 Chickens and Farm History- Chickens have been domesticated for over 9,000 years. Join this program to learn more about these unique birds and the role they played in human history
4/22/2020 Orienteering and Exploring- Students who join this program will discover how early explorers tracked and oriented themselves in the wild.
5/20/2020 Creepy Crawlies- We will creep and crawl to search for one of the trillions of insects found on earth. Students will learn more about the vital role insects play in our earth’s ecosystem.

Each class stands on its own, so attend one, all, or several.

  • 10:00am – 2:00pm (bring a packed lunch and drink)
  • Ages 6-11, Grades 1-5
  • $25 for members, $30 for non-members Your Family Discount will be applied automatically in the cart


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Middle Home School Adventures

This advanced Home School Program is designed to inspire exploration, appreciation, and preservation of local history and the natural environment. With Ms. Alison and Mrs. Ackermann.

 Date Themes/Topics
9/4/2019 Students will discover the power of water currents, surface tension, and engineering with water.
10/2/2019 One Square Foot Through Time- Through observation, research and hands-on discovery students will explore how the land has changed with human use through time.
11/6/2019 Seed Harvesting and Preserving- Students will learn harvest, plant, and preserve plants in traditional and modern methods
12/11/2019 Taxonomy and Time Periods- Join us to discover how animals and time periods are classified. Students will craft their first field journal tracking observations in each animal kingdom.
2/5/2020 History and Science in the Stars- As we will read and dissect stories and myths surrounding the constellations we will also discover the science and structure of our galaxy
3/4/2020 Fossils and Prehistoric History- Going back in time we will discover how fossils are made, and how Native Americans adapted to the land.
4/1/2020 Hybrids- Students will discover how humans have interacted with plants to manipulate them into sustainable sources of food.
5/6/2020 Soil Sampling and Worm Gardens- While we dig in the dirt to discover different components within the soil and the animals that contribute to healthy garden soil.

Each class stands on its own, so attend one, all, or several

  • 10 am – 2pm
  • Ages 9-13, Grades 5-8
  • $25 for members, $30 for non-members

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Doll Club

Bring a doll to the heritage village to join in on a variety of activities like making dollhouses, doll accessories, a doll journal, dressing up in period costumes, and tea parties. Games, hikes, explorations of our historic buildings, and other fun activities with a historical focus shared with a special friend.

Start Date Themes/Topics
9/20/2019 Paper Dolls- Doll lovers will learn the old fashion art of making paper dolls.
10/18/2019 Doll Accessories- We will make purses for dolls and ourselves.
11/22/2019 Corn Husk Dolls- Dry, twist, and tie your way to an old fashion favorite.
12/20/2019 Old Fashion Gifts for Doll and Me- Participants will craft a seasonal ornament.
1/17/2020 Shadow Puppets- Doll lovers will construct and explore historic puppets.
2/21/2020 Yarn Dolls- We will make new friends out of yarn!
3/20/2020 Doll Accessories- We will make headbands for dolls and ourselves.
4/17/2020 Old Fashion Games- Experience the past through games and activities.
5/15/2020 Fancy Tea Party- Join a tea party that includes decorating cookies!

Each class stands on its own, so attend one, all, or several.

  • 4:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Ages 6-11, Grades 1-5
  • $8 for members, $10 for non-members. Your Family Discount will be applied automatically in the cart.

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Preschool Adventures

Our Preschool Adventure series based on a nationally recognized curriculum in life and physical sciences. Each adventure is different and has a theme chosen to spark a preschooler’s imagination. Included is a brief nature hike and a hands-on activity or craft.

This season’s overarching theme is Growing Up Wild About Autrey Mill!

Start Date Themes/Topics
9/10/2019 Wildlife Water Safari- Children discover water sources for local wildlife. With Ms. Mary.
9/24/2019 Fishing Fun – Children engage in dramatic play fishing game. With Ms. Ackermann.
10/8/2019 In a Grasshopper’s World- Children observe grasshoppers in their natural habitat. With Ms. Mary.
10/22/2019 Ant on Parade- Children go outside to observe ant behavior and characteristics. With Ms. Ackermann.
11/5/2019 Tracks- Children explore animal tracks and make tracks of their own.
11/19/2019 Terrific Turkeys- Children learn about wild turkeys. With Ms. Ackermann.
12/3/2019 Looking at Leaves- Children practice their observation skills by comparing leaves. With Ms. Ackermann
12/17/2019 Backbone Bonanza- Children learn about vertebrates.
1/28/2020 Less is More- Children learn that using less is a way of sharing resources. With Ms. Ackermann
2/11/2020 Wildlife is Everywhere- Children make observations that wildlife is all around us.
2/25/2020 What’s Wild- Children engage in stories comparing the lives of a wild and tame animal. With Ms. Ackermann.
3/10/2020 Field Study Fun- Children investigate the ground within a hula hoop observe plant and animal.
3/24/2020 Seed Need- Children explore seeds as food and learn how animals spread seeds. With Ms. Ackermann
4/14/2020 Hiding in Plain Sight- Children play a game of hide and seek to learn about important adaptations.
4/28/2020 Aqua Charades- Children explore the importance of water for people, animals, and plants. With Ms. Ackermann.
5/12/2020 The Deep Blue Sea- Children develop an awareness of oceans and ocean life.
  • 10:00am – 11:30am
  • Selected Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Ages 3-6 (A parent or guardian must accompany their child)
  • Programs are rain or shine – other activities will replace the hike in case of inclement weather.
  • $7 for members, $10 for non-members.
  • Parents are free but are required to stay for the program. No charge for non-participating siblings.

Class size is limited.

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