2020 Heritage Fieldtrips

 2020 Heritage Fieldtrips

Autrey Mill is pleased to offer several new field tip offerings to our programs inspiring exploration of the natural environment and local history. Each features a topic unique to Georgia. Thanks to the City of Johns Creek, The Johns Creek Foundation, and Sawnee Electrical each field trip participant will have the opportunity to tour the newly renovated Farm Museum!

The program fee is $10 per child participant. The program minimum is $100 (or %50 of your total) and is due upon reservation. Any remaining balance is due on your program date. These programs last approximately 90 minutes. After your program, we will reserve 30 minutes at the Pole Barn for a lunch of snack. Each program can be tailored to your group’s grade or age, but is most appropriate for grades K-8.

Heritage Field Trips

Visit Autrey Mill’s historic buildings, furnishings, artifact collections, plus heritage activities to present topics of local and Georgia history.

History Hunters Students will use their skills of deduction to gain a better understanding of what life was like for Georgia settlers in the late 1800s. Their hands will get dirty as they go digging for history. They will play games from the past, and learn how to budget using rations.
a-MAZE-ing Farm History Students will receive hands on experience with historic artifacts that helped shape the land. They will hear how Native American’s gardens thrived by using the technique of polyculture. The lesson will include stories, heritage building tours, games, and the opportunity to plant a seed.
Georgia Gold Fever Catch gold fever at Autrey Mill! Students will learn about the 1800’s Land Lottery and discover the mineral that shaped our state. They will receive hands on opportunities to pan for gold, solve gold riddles.



To book a program or learn more information please email Lauren Ackermann at lauren.ackermann@autreymill.org