First Day of Camp Autrey Mill

Not your “Run of the Mill” summer camp!

Autrey Mill’s camp emphasizes re-connecting children with nature and history and giving kids a break from competitive activities and ever-present technology. We keep campers engaged with plenty of activities and learning opportunities, but there is always time to examine what’s under a log, catch a tadpole, or to imagine living in the past.

Our Camps are divided by age groups with multiple options for ages 6-11. In an effort to divide the ages and offer more age appropriate lessons when possible we have divided the Frog group in two: Pollywog 6-8 and Turtle 9-12

For ages 4-5 TADPOLE Preschool Camp

Tadpole Preschool Camps include both nature and creativity focused camps. Both introduce campers to a variety of topics through activities, games, crafts, visits with animals, and exploration of our 46-acre nature preserve. Choose from nature themes like Zoology Camp, Habitat Hunter, and Wild Water or creative themes like Preschool Nature Art, Preschool Mini Camp, and Preschool Cooking & Crafts.

For ages 6-8 POLLYWOG Camp, 6-11 FROG Camp and 9-12 TURTLE Camp

For these ages groups, we offer both Heritage and Nature Camps. Our Heritage Camps bring history to life and spark campers’ imagination through creative activities, games, crafts and exploration of our historic buildings. Choose from Time Traveler, Heritage Doll, Woodland Fairies, Nature Art & Games, or Cooking & Crafts camps.
Our Nature Camps introduce a variety of natural science topics through activities, games, crafts, visits with animals, exploration of our 46-acre nature preserve, and scientific experiments. Choose from Outdoor Adventure, Jr. Naturalist, Habitat Hunter, or Wild Water camps.

For ages 11-14 NATURALIST Camp

Our Naturalist Camps engage older campers with exploration and study of the habitats and wildlife or our collections and heritage buildings through hands-on activities and experiments. Hikes, visits with our animals, games, and crafts will round out the camp sessions. Choose Zoology camp, Curious Curators, Curious Culinary, or Naturalist camps.

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