Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

We have been a little confused about you. We read that parents explained to their children that although you are not an actual person- you do exist. Every winter parents, friends, and family fill their hearts with the joy of giving. During this time of year, the community begins to think about the people that make a difference in their lives and they take a moment to celebrate by saying thank you. Thanks comes in all forms and sizes. In this way, we all take on a part, and you live in each and every gift giver.

We are most thankful to the Johns Creek Community for all they do to support Autrey Mill- our home. Every day visitors delight in feeding us corn, and telling us how beautiful we are. So, this year we wanted to ask Santa for a few treats and trinkets for our friends. Check out our wishlist!

-The Autrey Mill Chickens- Marie Curry, Sally Ride, Ada Lovelace, and Chestnut