Camp Autrey Mill Scholarship

2020 Summer Camp Scholarships

The Camp Autrey Mill Scholarship was created to help children age 5-14 who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend camp. The Scholarships are made possible through contributions from individuals, sponsors, partners, and membership supporters. Thanks to the Country Club of the South’s Charity Guild for supporting the Scholarship program this year. Follow the link below to complete the application, please note that a recommendation letter from a non-relative is requested.

2020 Summer Camp Scholarship Application

Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center would like to extend our sincere thanks to Emory who have chosen to honor us this year with funds to support the Scholarship Program. These funds will allow us to meet the need and demand of the community for unique educational experiences through events, open grounds, and programs that strive to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity in our natural world and local history.

Camp Autrey Mill gives children the tools to safely explore the natural environment for a lifetime. We strive to instill an appreciation of history and nature through crafts, games, puzzles, and historical artifacts. Our camps give children the opportunity to find inspiration in preserving the past and in what is under a log.

Campers come to Autrey Mill from across the North Atlanta area. For some, their experiences and resources are limited. We need your help to grow and offer more space in the 2020 and 2021 Camp Autrey Mill Scholarship. The Scholarship requires an application and recommendation letter from a mentor.

Our community calls for your support:

“… I’m almost 8 years old. I’m writing to let you know how much I love Autrey Mill and how much I want to participate again in summer camp, after a great experience I had last year. I love reading and playing outside. …. I also help my parents reuse and recycle, because I don’t want earth to die. My birthday theme this year is going to be reading and books. Next year the theme will be gardening… When I will be old enough, I would like to volunteer at Autrey Mill, to help younger kids and take care of animals and gardens. I hope to attend summer camp this year.” – Camper

“We explore nature often and she has come to love it. She loves the water, admires flowers and trees, plays in the dirt and makes homes for worms whenever she has the chance. The girls and I are just now getting back on our feet financially. It would be awesome [for my camper] to have this wonderful experience.” – Camp Mom

“We hope that the current challenges we are experiencing as a family are nothing but a bump on the road… [W]e would truly appreciate the support in making our children summer as enjoyable and educational possible.” – Camp Parent

We thank you for your continued support and hope that you will donate to the upcoming 2020 scholarship fund.  Your generosity provides memorable experiences in the lives of children in our community.  With your support, we can instill in the next generation curiosity and reverence for nature and history.

2020 Camp Autrey Mill