Camp Autrey Mill Gallery!

Day 2- we have 47 fun filled days ahead. Come join the fun as we explore and travel back in time! There are only a few spaces left!

Day 4- the first last day of Camp Autrey Mill. 85% of camp spots are taken- Register for an experience filled with exploration, preservation and appreciation.

Day 12- the campers are excited and eager to explore, the counselors are ready with crafts, games, and exploitative tasks, and the buildings are still standing… Won’t you join us?

Day 18- our campers are learning some exciting things! Like how to walk on eggshells without breaking them.

Day 24- a rainy day has created new opportunities for exploration and appreciation. The rain has turned old games new!

7/7/2017- It is quite here without the campers. Counselors have been coming and going getting things together and making plans for the new week. Are we ready for the largest week of Summer Camp yet?- YES!

Day 33- Campers are: exploring plants by dissecting tomatoes, observing the characteristics of reptiles through our Animal Ambassador the No-named King, and shaking up history in the form of ice creme.

Day 38- Heritage is playing a bean bag old fashion game, preschoolers are painting their hats and sharks and minnows are bounding around in the front yard.

Day 41- Camp is not over yet- it is the last week of camp before school starts. The campers are at the creek finding crawfish, salamanders, and fish. They are searching for fairy houses and making art out of natural found items.