Preschool Adventures

Our Preschool Adventure series based on a nationally recognized curriculum in life and physical sciences. Each adventure is different and has a theme chosen to spark a preschooler’s imagination. Included is a brief nature hike and a hands-on activity or craft.

This season’s overarching theme is Growing Up Wild About Autrey Mill!

Start Date Themes/Topics
9/10/2019 Wildlife Water Safari- Children discover water sources for local wildlife. With Ms. Mary.
9/24/2019 Fishing Fun – Children engage in dramatic play fishing game. With Ms. Ackermann.
10/8/2019 In a Grasshopper’s World- Children observe grasshoppers in their natural habitat. With Ms. Mary.
10/22/2019 Ant on Parade- Children go outside to observe ant behavior and characteristics. With Ms. Ackermann.
11/5/2019 Tracks- Children explore animal tracks and make tracks of their own. With Ms. Lauren McDaniel.
11/19/2019 Terrific Turkeys- Children learn about wild turkeys. With Ms. Ackermann.
12/3/2019 Looking at Leaves- Children practice their observation skills by comparing leaves. With Ms. Ackermann
12/17/2019 Backbone Bonanza- Children learn about vertebrates. With Ms. Lauren McDaniel.
1/28/2020 Less is More- Children learn that using less is a way of sharing resources. With Ms. Ackermann
2/11/2020 Wildlife is Everywhere- Children make observations that wildlife is all around us. With Ms. Lauren McDaniel.
2/25/2020 What’s Wild- Children engage in stories comparing the lives of a wild and tame animal. With Ms. Ackermann.
3/10/2020 Field Study Fun- Children investigate the ground within a hula hoop observe plant and animal. With Ms. Lauren McDaniel.
3/24/2020 *Cancelled Seed Need- Children explore seeds as food and learn how animals spread seeds. With Ms. Ackermann
4/14/2020 *Cancelled Hiding in Plain Sight- Children play a game of hide and seek to learn about important adaptations. With Ms. Lauren McDaniel.
4/28/2020 *Cancelled Aqua Charades- Children explore the importance of water for people, animals, and plants. With Ms. Ackermann.


The Deep Blue Sea- Children develop an awareness of oceans and ocean life. With Ms. Lauren McDaniel.


  • 10:00am – 11:00am
  • Selected Tuesdays
  • Ages 3-6 (A parent or guardian must accompany their child)
  • Programs are rain or shine – other activities will replace the hike in case of inclement weather.
  • $7 for members, $10 for non-members.
  • Parents are free but are required to stay for the program. No charge for non-participating siblings.

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