Middle School Home School

This advanced Home School Program is designed to inspire exploration, appreciation, and preservation of local history and the natural environment. With Ms. Alison and Mrs. Ackermann. Each class stands on its own, so attend one, all, or several.


 Date Themes/Topics
9/4/2019 Students will discover the power of water currents, surface tension, and engineering with water.
10/2/2019 One Square Foot Through Time- Through observation, research and hands-on discovery students will explore how the land has changed with human use through time.
11/6/2019 Seed Harvesting and Preserving- Students will learn harvest, plant, and preserve plants in traditional and modern methods
12/11/2019 Taxonomy and Time Periods- Join us to discover how animals and time periods are classified. Students will craft their first field journal tracking observations in each animal kingdom.
2/5/2020 History and Science in the Stars- As we will read and dissect stories and myths surrounding the constellations we will also discover the science and structure of our galaxy
3/4/2020 Fossils and Prehistoric History- Going back in time we will discover how fossils are made, and how Native Americans adapted to the land.
4/1/2020 *Cancelled Hybrids- Students will discover how humans have interacted with plants to manipulate them into sustainable sources of food.
5/6/2020 *Cancelled Soil Sampling and Worm Gardens- While we dig in the dirt to discover different components within the soil and the animals that contribute to healthy garden soil.
  • 10 am – 2pm
  • Ages 9-13, Grades 5-8
  • $25 for members, $30 for non-members- Your Family Discount will be applied automatically in the cart.

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